Pin Projection Unit




Introduction: Pin Projection Unit

Its useful if you ever need to post a paper across a room...
its simple and really cheap...

I also take NO responsibility for the information i am about to show...
It is for information, and entertainment purposes ONLY

Step 1: Cut Your Tube

Okay, cut the top and bottom off the tube just before the mounting brackets so you are left with a 2 foot piece of tube. And then file off any rough bits, inside and out of the tube.

Step 2: Pins

Next, take the pencil eraser, and pull it off LEAVING THE METAL surrounding it, this can be tricky, but with some twisting and pulling (dirty thoughts anyone?) it should slide off the end of the pencil

Next, take your pin, and put the pieces of wool onto it, just force the pin through the strands, and it will hold, trust me.

After sliding the wool to the base of the pin, force the pin as straight as you an into the backside of the eraser (the end that came off the pencil) and pull it through

Step 3: Final Bits

Thats about all i can think of really.

And how to load it, you just slide the pointy end of the dart err "pin" into the tube and blow...

And please! for the love of god and your own bodies, don't point this at your siblings, parents, room mates, or dog... (cats are free game... they claw you with pins while you sleep, why not return the favor? joking! don't harm anyone or anything....)

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    cool! interesting design for the dart using a pencil eraser


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Haha, thanks, i just needed something that fit tightly into the tube, and a pencil was found fit for the job