Introduction: Pipe (or Tank) From Cans

Convert cans in a pipe..or tank

Step 1: Collect Cans

Collect cans.
All of the same diameter

the "old" and "fat" aluminium( Like the Pepsi in the pictures), as the new tall and slim steel cans( like CocaCola) and also the llittle Red Bull aluminium cans...

I noticed that the "slim" ones works a little better...( with the cans in the pictures I had a little "instability" imperfection while with the other kinds I had them perfectly sealed...)

I had only 2 cans

Step 2: Remove the Top of the 1st Can

Remove the top cutting the chamfered surface.
This is important to help you insert this can in the next one.

Step 3: Remove the Bottom of the 2nd Can

Remove the bottom of the can cutting the cilindrical surface.

You can obtain a tank instead a pipe:
Instead removing the bottom you can also remove the 2nd top( in this case cut in the cilindrical surface) and then press the 2 cans together you will obtain a tank

Step 4: Insert the 1st Can in the 2nd

Insert the top of the first can in the second can.

Step 5: Press!!

Press the 2 cans
This is the reason why I advice you NOT to remove the top of the second can before insertion... you would have to press on a dangerous cutting edge.

Step 6: Repeat...

then restart from the beginning adding a 3rd can( this will be your new 2nd while the old 2nd will be your new 1st).
You will obtain a pipe...