Pitching Technique for Right Handed Pitchers



Introduction: Pitching Technique for Right Handed Pitchers

I'm only 15 years old but i have used these techniques to help me control my pitches and save my arm. I started and pitching at a young age and threw a lot of curve balls, with not throwing the correct way i really messed up my arm. Since i started seeing my pitching coach i have increased velocity i have much more control of my pitches, and my arm hurts a lot less after big games. I hope these little techniques can help you.

Step 1:

1. Be in windup position as shown in the picture. Make sure your eyes are on your target the whole time from start to finish. This will help you control your pitches and pound the strike zone.

Step 2:

2. You want to take your left foot back just a little bit, to where it is diagonal to your right foot.

Step 3:

3. You want your hands to stay low and close to your body while your left leg is being lifted. Push down with your right foot to maintain your balance and stay controlled. You don't want to get too fast, because you will start to get wild with your pitches.

Step 4:

4.Take your left hip and stick it out just a little bit, act like you are taking it into the catcher's baseball mitt.

Step 5:

5. You want your left foot to come straight down, but not to where it is touching the ground. When your left foot is about 3 inches from the ground is when you push off of the rubber with your left foot. You want to literally try and push the rubber off 3 feet back. This is where a lot of your velocity comes from.

Step 6:

6.You want your left arm up, kind of like you are elbowing somebody. This is difficult to explain but look at the picture to see if it helps.

Step 7:

7.When your left foot touches the ground, you want your arms to rotate like a windmill. You want your glove hand to be tucked into your hip. This will cause your throwing arm to rotate. Just remember: the harder and faster you tuck your glove hand into your hip, the faster your throwing hand comes around, which makes you throw harder.

Step 8:

8.This is where you finish. You want to take your throwing hand and try and touch the ground with it. This will cause your right leg to swing over generating your whole body to throw the baseball. This will bring you to the ready position just in case you get a ground ball right back to the pitcher's mound.

Step 9:

9.Always remember your drive is most important. These little techniques prevent a lot of injuries. You want to use a lot of your body so your arm does not get ruined.

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