Pizza Picnic: Featuring the Super Solar Stroller Oven

Introduction: Pizza Picnic: Featuring the Super Solar Stroller Oven

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When I asked the kids what they wanted for their picnic, their natural reply was pizza, their favorite food. I wanted to leave right away, so I thought, maybe we can cook the pizza when we're there. They don't allow BBQs at the De Cordova Museum and Sculpture Park, so introducing

The tittle is way better then the image. 
It's just two pieces of tin foil, one for the bottom, and one as a back to angle the sun, placed in the stroller. 
We set up our blanket, and I made bagel pizzas. Just bagels with sauce and a slice of cheese on top. I put them in the "oven" and we had some snacks and looked at some sculptures while we waited for our pizza to cook. After about 10 minutes in the hot sun, the cheese was warm and melty. 
Molly said it was the best pizza she ever had. Just watch out for clouds. They can really put a damper on your cooking. Luckily, this recipe is good uncooked too. :)
When you're done, just put the tinfoil in the trash and the kid back in the stroller, and you're good to go. 

Have fun!

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