Pocket Proof Pill Packet

Introduction: Pocket Proof Pill Packet

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A recycled piece of packaging to protect medication when kept in a pocket or bag.

Step 1: The Problem

I'm a lorry driver by trade and I suffer from infrequent migraine. I therefore carry a selection of headache pills with me. If kept in the original packaging this rapidly becomes crushed sometimes even releasing the tablets from their blister packs

Step 2: The Solution

back when pain killers came lose in tubs of 50 to 1000 several of the bigger brands sold a hard case that took 6 to12 of their tablets I thought a plastic sweetener dispenser looked quite sturdy so I investigated .

Step 3: How To

I found the top readily came off and closed again on this package. Cleaning the powdered sweetener residue from inside just required a wipe with a tissue. unfortunately the blister packs were too big to fit inside without cutting them down as I only need to carry a couple of doses of each this was not a problem, and I was able to do so in such a way that the identity of each was still readable on the backing foil. I then stacked the strips of tablets into the case and replaced the lid. so far this case has survived in my work bag for several months undamaged.

Step 4: The Solution

back in the days when pain killers came lose in jars of 50 to 1000 tablets and generic medications were less common some of the brands produced metal or plastic carrying cases that took 6,9or12 tablets

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