Introduction: Pocket Survival Kit

this is a kit mainly made for catching fish and starting the fire
 things you will need:
pocket sized container (i used a prescription bottle)
lots of fishing line (preferably heavy line so the fish wont get away
fishing leader and hook
medium and small fishing weights
matches, you can use strike anywhere matches or do what i did which was regular matches with the striker
cotton balls and plenty of them
you may be wondering about a knife but i left that out on perpous because i always keep one in my pocket anyway so i left that out for more room in the bottle

Step 1: Fishing Line

for this i used 30 pound string and about 20-30 feet of it, wrap it around your hand and loop the end around the bigger loop to keep it from unwraveling.
also bring an extra 10 feet or so for making snares and such

Step 2: Fishing Hook and Leader

this i just used a small-medium sized hook and a leader if you are trying to catch a trout or a smaller freshwater fish DO NOT use the leader it just spooks the fish. but for most fresh water fish you can use a minnow, worm, cricket or any other type of insect as bait

Step 3: Bobber

i used a smaller sized bobber but any size will do as long as it fits into the container (i forgot to take a picture of this one sorry)

Step 4: Weights

i used a small and size 2 weight for this just in case the small one isnt enough or the bigger one is too much

Step 5: Alcohol Wipes

i forgot to take a picture of these too but make sure you have some alcohol wipes

Step 6: Matches

i used regular matches and i ripped the striker off the box but you can use strike anywhere matches i just didnt have any.
you will also need some kindling i used cotton balls