Pom-pom Keyring

Introduction: Pom-pom Keyring

this keepsake trinket takes less than 5 minutes to make and is so simple, you would wonder why no one thought of it sooner!
~ pom-pom knitting wool
~ fabric coil or fabric washing rope
~ scissors
~ 2 wooden beads

Step 1: Starting Off

cut off a decent lennght of fabric coil about 30 cm long and tie a knot 10 cm up from one end. then thread a wooden bead on the end. now you can tie on the pom-poms.

Step 2: Tie on the Pom-poms

cut a piece of pom-pom wool that has three pom-poms on it. the middle pom pom will be the color that will be shown on the keyring. tie it onto the cord next to the wooden bead in a double knot and cut off any exess. repeat this 5 times but if you want to do more then you have to make the cord longer. to end it, add a wooden bead and tie a knot in the coil just under it.

Step 3: Making a Knot and a Cut

loop one end of the keyring and tie it in a knot and stretch out the other end. cut vertically up it so there are two ends to it. now you can attach the looped bit to your bag or keys.

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