Introduction: Poolside Wine Cart

My goal was to make a high class wine cart for my mom and be done by Mothers Day. The plan was small but the end result was much bigger than i had anticipated. Cost of materials was around $200 but could be done much cheaper if you used more common wood materials.

Materials needed :

1x4 8ft Cedar plank - 6

cedar fencing (its cheaper)

1x3 8ft poplar plank - 4

pine used for shims - 1 bundle

3 6ft pieces of corner trim

1x6 4ft oak boards - 4

2x4 8ft Cedar - 2

1" piping to make handles

caster wheels, 2 fixed direction, 2 not

black spray paint


spar polyurethane

deck screws

stain of your choice. I used dark walnut by minwax

tools needed or at least the tools i used:

table saw

miter saw



impact driver


orbital sander

poly brush

shop rags

Step 1: Wing It

So its not a complete instructable since these are the only pics i have of what it looks like during the project but it should give you some good insight as to how it was made.

My first step for all projects is to do tons and tons of research and find images of what I want on pinterest or google until i get so frustrated that I just decide I'm going to wing it because i can't find anything that has it all. This probably isn't the best way to do things but so far it works for me. like some sort of destructive self motivation.

anyways ill try to break it down here as best as I can.

I built the frame first out of poplar and maple using a Kreg jig until i got so frustrated and had to pre drill every board. Kreg jigs are good for uses with pine and softer wood but you'll end up splitting the poplar or maple when you screw the joint together. so pre-drill or just use pine. I made it about 48" long, 24" wide and 32" tall. its 4" under 3 feet to compensate for the height of caster wheels and the counter top.

on the bottom i framed out a square of cedar 2x4s to hold the caster wheels and keep the frame sturdy.

the shims were used for the wine rack on the bottom shelf and stained with dark walnut as well

at first I was going to buy the pre made wine glass holder brackets for $50 but then I realized that all it is is a piece of corner trim screwed in upside down. I searched home depot and finally found one that has one thick edge. this piece is shaped like an "L" and can be attached to the underside of the top shelf (one facing L shaped the other opposite direction) I used a wine glass to get the exact spacing. I know this is hard to understand without a picture so i will try to track it down soon.

the top was built out of random cedar planks and some leftover fencing that i sanded down to a 400 grit finish and applied spar poly semi gloss coats. It was about 8-10 coats with light sanding in between and then buffed with a microfiber bar rag because I'm very unorganized and couldn't find my buffer. the trim on top was the last thing i added and it was pine that was stained with an oil based dark walnut minwax. I think it makes the cedar color really pop!

I had a bunch of random 1" pieces of piping and fit some together to make a towel bar on one side and large handle/towel bar on the other. i placed these in a cardboard box and sprayed them with grill coat spray paint.

added a lion bottle opener to it because i had it laying around anyways.

Also, I was going to add a sink to the counter top with a hose attachment on the faucet but by the time this was finished, it was the day before Mothers Day.

thanks for checking it out!

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