Introduction: Popcorn Ball Brains

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These popcorn ball brains are super easy to make, and great bite size dessert for a Halloween party! Plus, they're nice and cheap to make. :D

I like that they're both cute and a little gory.

( I thought I was the first person that had come up with popcorn ball brains. I was so excited! But it turns out I'm not. :P )

Step 1: Ingredients + Tools

  • 10.5 bag of mini marshmallows
  • 3 tablespoons of butter
  • 6 cups of popcorn 
  • red food coloring
I cooked the popcorn in a pan on the stove and salted it really well. The salt is nice against all the sweet. :D When measuring the popcorn, push it down a little in the measuring cup.

  • Crisco, for coating your hands
  • a small paintbrush
  • parchment or wax paper

Step 2: Prep Work

Put the marshmallows and three tablespoons of butter in a medium/large sized bowl and microwave a minute at a time, until nice and melted together. Stir it after every time in the microwave, preferably with a silicone spatula - it's easier to clean up!

Once that's done, add 2-4 drops of red food coloring, until it's pink enough for you.

Step 3: Mix the Marshmallow and Popcorn

Start the mixing by using the spatula, until it becomes too hard to stir and cools down a bit.

Coat your hands in a layer of Crisco and continue mixing everything together.

Step 4: Shape the Balls

Take a small handful of the popcorn mix and press it together. Mine are 2-3 inches wide. :)

Set the finished balls aside on a piece of parchment or wax paper.

You can even put each ball on a wooden skewer if you're worried about sticky hands. 

Step 5: Paint on Them!

Put a couple drops of food coloring an a teaspoon or two of water in a small bowl.

Use a thin paintbrush to paint the mixture along the crevices of the popcorn. Yay for gore!

Let dry for a bit, and then you're ready to serve! :D
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