Introduction: Portable Computer Workstation

I had this all lined up for the magnetic contest, but didn't get it finished in time. I think it fits this category ok though. I have several templates that work for me a couple of which I will share here and they are all behind each other in the workstation. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

2 metal trays (11x8), dry erase markers, and a mini magnetic dry erase board for notes that were purchased at a dollar tree, hard drive magnets used for hinges and closure, various other magnets: circular and strips, a screw/nut/and makeshift standoff used as a handle for opening the workstation up as the magnets are strong, glue for attaching magnets to tools. paper to make templates. The only tool really was a drill to make a hole in one of the trays for the handle. 

Step 2: Making the Templates

I used Microsoft word to make templates that would fit in my chosen area of the tray and cut them out. They are stacked behind each other in my workstation.

Step 3: Tray # 1

Hard drive magnets were glued to the tray as shown in the picture

Step 4: Tray # 2

A hole was drilled in the middle of one end of the tray as shown and the handle assembled into it. The trays will open up like they are hinged but they will also completely separate if needed.

Step 5: Getting It All Together

Magnets were glued to some of the tools while magnets are on the trays for others. Magnets were glued to the dry erase board too. The templates were printed out, cut out, and stay in place by the magnets. To switch out templates, simply remove all the magnets and pull the desired template to the front and re-attach magnets in the appropriate locations. Thanks for checking out my instructable hope it inspires someone. 

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