Portable Swing

Introduction: Portable Swing

If you follow this instructable you'll be able to carry a swing with you (in the form of a bag), and mixed with a good tree branch or something in that nature,

You can swing wherever you want to, when you want to.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

you wil need,

- 8 pressure washers

- 2 push buttons

- a sponge ( not necessary, other materials can work as wel)

- felt

- a soft fabric (for the finishing details)

- a strong fabric ( i used the fabric of a small tensioning cable)

- pieces of plastic cardboard

- needle and thread

- 20m of strong rope

- superglue

- scissors

Step 2: Step 2: the Right Measurements of the Felt

to start making the portable swing you have to start by cutting out 2 pieces of felt.

the measurements on the drawing are the ones i used

for the the sit and lean parts ( the biggest parts) are 45cm x 32cm

the middle part is 10cm x 45cm

you can basically choose the sizes you want for your own swing.

Step 3: Step 3: Putting the Two Pieces of Felt Together

- as shown on the drawn picture you first have to attach 8 pressure washers on the places shown on the drawing.

- the next step is to cut the plastic cardboard sheet on the felt with superglue so the plastic is between the pieces of felt.

- then take the rope ( i used parracord for the strength and durability of the rope) and let it go thru the pressure washer so the rope goes next to the plastic between the two pieces of felt. i also attached it with needle and thread so the rope couldn't shift anymore.

- then sew everything against each other (some pieces you can do with a sewing machine but some parts you'll have to do by hand) so you can start to see the shape of the seat.

- to be able to put the portable swing down when its in bag mode and so it won't open, i adde two push buttons on the top of the seat zo you can easily open and close the bag.

Step 4: Step 4: Reinforcement of the Seat

as a finishing detail for the swing but must importantly to reinforce the seat i aded pieces of tensioning cable,

i worked from the bottom up an kept the same marges between every piece of tensioning cable.

you can choose if you want them on the inside or on the outside of the swing, i chose the outside.

after four pieces on each side of the swing it was strong enough for me ( i weigh around 84 kilo's )

Step 5: Step 5: the Handle

to make my handles i chose to use a sponge, lightweight and soft in the hands.

i parted the sponge in four equal parts an used two parts for each handle.

i wrapped some fabric around them an sewed them together, en attached them to the bag

as you can see i also attached the same kind of fabric on the rims of the seat, this is just for the exterior look so optional.

Step 6: Step 6: the Rope Adjustment

i only used two pieces of wood (4cm x 5cm) with 4 holes in each piece, the size of the holes are to been seen by the thickness of you're rope mine was 0,9cm so i made my holes 1cm.

the reason i only used these pieces of wood is that it makes it able to adjust the height of the swing, but it also functions as a locking systeem.

when there is weight on the seat the ropes get blocked and won't move from their position anymore.

Step 7: Step 7: Finding a Good Tree Branch

after you've completed all the previous steps, you just have to take your portable swing and find a good tree branch and start swinging.

i hope you enjoyed my instructable, and let me know if you have some helpful comments or if you've made one yourself !

Step 8: A Video of How the Swing Works

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