The Potato Cannon




Introduction: The Potato Cannon

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Step 1: What You Need

All you need to make this Bundle-O-Fun is
A. igniter (lantern lighter, Piezo Electric Igniter, or Grill Igniter)
B. 4" PVC clean out plug
C. 4" PVC fitting clean out adapter
D. 4" PVC coupling
E. 4" x 24" PVC pipe
F. 2" x 4" PVC increaser reducer
G. 2" x 48" PVC pipe
H. PVC cleaner, primer, & cement
I. Without these all would fail you need potatoes
J. Hair spray (aerosol)
You will also need these tools. A drill, Handsaw, and File.

Step 2: Now Do It!(I Know You Can!)

Cut the PVC components to length and clean and prime the joints. Cement components C through G together.
Drill a hole for the lantern lighter in the middle of pipe E and then install the lighter with its included hardware. These lighters are very compact and use flint to produce a strong spark. You can find them in the camping section of large department stores.
With the file, sharpen the circumference of pipe G. This makes shoving the potato in easier because the pipe will cut off the excess potato.

Step 3: "Yerr" Done!!!

You’re ready to launch!
i. Find a very large, open area to launch the gun. Or do whatever the heck you want.(Just try not to do anything stupid.)
ii. Load a potato. Use a stick or rod to plunge it most of the way down the barrel.
iii. Spray the hair spray (make sure it’s flammable) into the fat end of the gun. If you use too little the potato won’t go far; too much and it won’t launch at all because there isn’t enough oxygen in the chamber.
iv. Quickly screw on the plug (part B).
v. Hold the gun at your side, aiming in a safe direction. Give the lighter a quick flick, as if you’re snapping your fingers.
(also if anything were to go wrong, (i.e BIG kick back) you would want to keep any "valued" or "precious" body parts you would like to keep, get them out of the way.
VI: Tell me if it worked for you in the comment section!
                                                                                                  Kick Some A**!

(copy pasted picture & material list for your help)

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    hey what do you do with the pvc primer & cement
    sorry im really beginner


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I used a cementing compound that didnt require priming. Clean both male and female connections and then apply primer and cement and let dry for 24 hours


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    well what you do is you take the PVC cleaner, and wipe that around where the PVC is going to link with other PVC,(dry it after a minute or so) then you prime it. dry it(minute or so(again)). and then you use the rubber cement (my b for saying cement not rubber cement) you put a fair amount of rubber cement on the area where the PVC pipe is going to link eachother.(you can put on alot if you want but what comes out of the PVC you can reuse) and viola! let it dry, and shoot your bitchn' cannon!(after its all together:)) sorry i responded so late, by now you've already made one with another persons instructable. but hey! i like to talk.:)