Introduction: Power Cutter / Triper /shorter

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this handy cheap device will trip any outlet it is pluged in to (if it was properly instaled that is and works )and will also cut the power to any other device on that same braker / fuse if you live in the 1920s. 

if it is left pluged in a person trying to turn the braker back on will wont able to do so with out it triping repedly after. 

Step 1: Get the Plug

you will nead 

a wire nut / heat shrink  tubing  or electrical tape is cheaper but will get hot if you use a plug with thin wire so i say use wire nut 

a plug chrismass light plugs will not work aka any thang that has a fuss built in to it and  would take more work to chang it  so dont use them . 

wire stripers

note any plug will do but if you want to trip by the gfci braker then you nead a 3 prong plug other wise i would use a 2 prong cheap easy to come by  BUT THE 2 PRONG PLUG WILL MELT A LITTLE WITH A SPARK 

Step 2: Cut and Cap It

 now just cut  and strip the 2 wires and cunect them