Power Rangers Morpher Prop Making Made Easy

Introduction: Power Rangers Morpher Prop Making Made Easy

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power rangers helmets, morphers and weapons can be quite expensive, so here are some easy tips to help any would be cosplayer or just for halloween.

Step 1: Making a Morpher, Marking the Card.

the most basic morphers can be made from cutting out two pieces of card to shape and sticking them together with tape then wrapping with foil tape or tin foil. But the best way if you want something more substantial is mark out on card something similar to the above pic, this is a basic design for a morpher from power rangers.

Step 2: Cut Out the Design Remembering to Leace the Tabs On

simply use scissors or craft knife

Step 3: Getting the Shape And

you need cellotape and scrap cardboard for this step. take the piece of card with the tabs and score the tabs gently then fold back and tape into position. you basically end up with a boat shape which you then fill with scrap card

Step 4: Covering

for this you need either siver foil and bond glue or silver foiled duct tape. wrap the morpher with foil and then smoove out with a towel to ensure that the foil has taken, if using glue allow to dry for a while.

Step 5:

first cut a piece of card into a strip slightly longer than the width of the morpher as shown in the picture and then bend the edges along the lined area. tape into a centred postion using the foil tape to blend in at the ends as shown in the second picture.

Step 6: Decorating and Adding Coin.

for this you need a cotton weel and a compass to mark out a circle some card and poster paints, use the cotton weel to draw out a coin and a compass to get a larger circle for the red ring around the coin. decide what coin design you will be making {look online for details if your struggling}, cut out and paint the coin gold and the ring red. then add the detail to the coin with a sharpie when the paint dries { acrylic dries faster than poster paint and is less likely to run or chip}.
use tipex on the red ring to write power rangers (or zyuranger if you like the japanese one) as painting can be tricky.

Step 7: Painting the Lightning Bolt Motifs.

basically there are 4 black bolts around the outside which is visible in the pics. all you need to do is paint them carefully with black acrylic paint and leave to dry. now is wear it and get a whole costume. check out my other instructions on how to make a helmet and props when i finish creating them.

Step 8: Green Ranger Attempt

heres a glimps of some other bits i made but never made an instrucable for this is a green ranger costume i never finished, i didnt like the helmet. The shield is made from an old foam camping mattress as is the collar

Step 9: Red Ranger Costume That Did Work.

my friend sewed a lycra jumpsuit and then i did the detailing for him, he messed up the diamonds and had to add extra ones that dont look too bad really, the hemet took about two days to make from paper mashee, the belt and fixtures are mine as are the mason gloves the rest was simple to make.

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When you hold it in front of you with both hands does lightning fly out from behind you?


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sorry dude ive added photos to my instructable.