Pretty Safe Duct Tape Nunchucks

Introduction: Pretty Safe Duct Tape Nunchucks

all you need to make these is : duct tape and scissors

Step 1:

first cut two pieces of tape about 10 inches long.

Step 2:

next tear off a lot of pieces about 2 inches long then cruple them up and place them on each one of the 10 inch pieces like in the pictures.these will be the handles.

Step 3:

next you want to cover up the crumpled balls of duct tape

Step 4:

next you want to make some 12 inch pieces and fold them up so they are about 1/2 inch wide like in the will need to make three of these.

Step 5:

tape all three 12 inch pieces together.the handle in the picture is just for size.

Step 6:

now you have tape the strip to the handles like this. you might want to put more duct tape in there so it is stronger. and now you have a finished nunchuck.

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    As a kid who bopped himself in the head too many times with homemade wooden nunchucks I like this idea. Wouldn't string allow the clubs to swing better?