Introduction: Prevent Your Email From Being Hacked

before we start ... for any question ... type a comment ... There are different types of Email Account Hacking . Here are three main methods:............. 1-Phishing............ 2-Keylogger.......... 3- Guessing the Answer for the Security Question........... Social Engineering: Social Engineering is different from Physical Security exploits . In social engineering hackers will analyze about victim. Hackers will send mail to victim. The contents will be related to the victim (AND TO HIS INTERESTS )

Step 1: Phishing Webpage

It is a fake webpage which looks similar to the original page of the website. Using this WebPage hackers can easily get the Password of victims, only the victim type his login information and he will be redirected to a page the hacker choose ... TO AVOID THIS ALWAYS WHEN YOU RECIEVE A LING REQUIRING UR EMAIL INFORMATION OR BILLING INFO BE SURE OF THE URL ...

Step 2: Guessing the Answer of Secuirity Question

Do you remember that the mail sites will ask for the security questions to retrieve the mail account? You can hack the mail account simply guessing the answer. If the victim is your friend ,then it may very easy to hack. TO AVOID THIS CREAT A STRONG COMBINATIONS OF LETTERS AND WORDS AS SECUIRITY ANSWER AND DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ANY BODY

Step 3: Keylogger (spyware)

It is one of the spyware which will capture what you type in the keyboard. so whenever you type the username and password ,it will simply capture. It is software program which will be attached with any softwares and send to victim. While victim install the software ,the keylogger also start to work. Keyloggers are exe files. TO AVOID THIS DONT DOWNLOAD HACKING TOOLS AND CRACKED SOFTWARE ALWAYS DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE FROM THEIR ORIGINAL VERIFIED SITE