Introduction: P.v.a Spider Web

About: im 17 and i have a vast passion for making and have to keep busy with loads projects and love the outdoors and want to be a prop maker/ set maker

this is the perfect spider web prop you can do because its so easy and cheap but looks really, really cool for little effort. You can paint the web whatever colour you want or put glitter on it or let it dry to be see though for a haunted ghostly look

Step 1: Materials


You will need:


2.see though piece of plastic

3.p.v.a glue



6. marker pen. I'm using red the corlor of blood

Step 2: Drawing the Web and Making

Firstly you want to cover your desk in a roll of paper so when you use glitter you won't make to much mess and then get another sheet of paper which will be the sheet you'll draw the most creepiest web in the world and then cello tape it to the bottom paper.

Now the boring step is all out the way, we can start by drawing the fearsome web of doom.

First get your ruler and draw a large 3 lined cross in the centre of your paper.look at the pics.

Then join up the cross so it looks like the a spooky web. Look at pictures for more details.

Next put some p.v.a glue around your web, not to thick otherwise it might fail like my first try. You'll see a picture at the end of the nasty failed one.

Let it dry for 2-3 days then you're finished your spine chilling web.

If you want it to be coloured just mix some paint with the glue.

Step 3: Making the Web

My reason for my failed attempt is that i poured the glue way too thick and the glue spead and sadly touched the lines. :(


If you made any mistakes please send a pic in the comments or if you made a mouth dropping one, scary one please send a picture in the comments.

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