Introduction: Pvc Kayak

First it was the PVC marshmallow gun, then it was the willow tree kayak then came the PVC Kayak. I was inspired by the first two projects and they happily came together. I used {10} PVC pipes (1/2in) each 10ft long from Home depot, {28} 45 degree elbows, {2} rolls of duct tape, {1} 11' by 15' tarp, and {4} tarp clamps for a total price of $60 at Home depot.

Step 1: Outer Ribs X 3

I used {2} 1/2" PVC pipes that were 10 foot long. I tried the 90 degree elbows first but the plastic was cracking, so I went to 45 degree elbows with a 5 in spacer. This worked great. I made a total of three outer ribs.

Step 2: Inner Ribs X2

The inner ribs each were made of {8} 45 degree elbows, {2} 28in pvc peices, {6} 5in pvc peices. I measured this off of the height of me sitting down to my armpit. (after my first trial this was still too high so maybe 3in peices would work better).

Step 3: Attatching Inner and Outer Ribs

I attached the ribs about 42" from each end. I used a figure eight roll with the duct tape to make it secure. I attached the outer rib at the lowest edge of the lowest elbow. I did this with both inner ribs. I also taped all of the joints because they seemed to fall out when ever they felt like it. (didn't think this was a good idea in the water.)

Step 4: Attaching the 2nd and 3rd Outer Ribs

Basically the same step as the first rib. I attached the second rib to the third highest elbow's highest edge, and the third outer rib to the very highest elbow's highest edge. As I placed the second rib on to the frame I duct taped the tips together a little to allow for flex as I continued shaping it, then did the same as I added the third outer rib. The last step of the frame I duct taped the two ends to protect the tarp and to help give it shape.

Step 5: Adding the Skin

I used a 11' x 15' blue tarp for the skin. This was kinda tricky, I didn't know how to wrap the darn thing. This isn't anything new you should see my Christmas gift wrappings. I placed the frame long ways with the longest part of the tarp, then folded the ends in. I used a little duct tape to secure it to the frame. Then I diagonally folded the sides in on the front secured them with duct tape then did the back the same. I pulled the extra tarp under the inside frame and used some nylon line through the eye holes to tighten up the skin, I dont know if it helped but made it look sharper. To keep with the Hillbilly look, I made a paddle with a 7' pvc pipe and two paddle shaped peices of wood, secured with some metal brackets.

Step 6: Sailing Away

Worked like a charm. It was very strong (shown by the two times it flipped out of the back of my truck on to the road on the way to the lake) and light. The times it hit the road made some holes in the tarp which I fixed with some duct tape just prior to launching. I think I will add a peice of plywood and a coushin to raise my butt up a little to make it easier to row.