Introduction: Quick and Easy Cheep Coffie Table

This is my first instructable so bare with me. In this instructable i will show you how to make a simple but great looking coffie table.
 the materials you will need are
hand sander
sand paper
4 eight foot 2x4s
corresponding 1x4s
depending on the length
or you can also make it real easy by  going to a store near you and get
2 or 1 free pallets
table saw depending on wich way you want to make it
and last but not least paint or stain wich of course you dont have to paint or stain it depending on the theme you want to go with!

step one:
gather materials

step two:
if you are buiding this with the bought or scrounged wood
you cut the 3 of the 2bys in half so you have 6 of them the same length
next cut your 1bys to however long you would like your table i chose to make mine
a square  roughfly 4 feet by 4 feet
also cut the feet of the table out of the 4th 2by to your desired height
if you use the free pallets wich is way easier you get the jist of what to do lol

step three:
place the first three 2bys at your desired length for example put two right at four feet
place the third in the center of the first two
next start screwing the 1bys on the top of them like the third pic
now do  the same for the bottom of the table
then sand them get them ready for the legs in step 4

step four:
sand the legs
next screw the legs on the bottom half
once you have them stable place the top half on the bottem and screw
them onto the bottom half

step five:
paint or stain your table however you like
once its dry you have your finished project. you can decorate it however youd like
we chose a reef and some candles to you know set the mood or someting i really dont know haha

i hope you enjoy your new table and commet rate vote just let me know if you need help or anything

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