Introduction: Quick & Cheap 9V Battery Connector

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In the need of a quick 9V battery connector for one of my project, I realize a DIY way.

9V batteries can be (but sure will NOT)  connected to each other.
(safety : you expose yourself in burns doing it)

Step 1: Soldering

I rip off (gently without any sharp tool) an old empty 9V to get the plate with the metal connectors.
The plastic plate was a little bit to wide, so I cut it to make it fit.

Solder two wires, each to the appropriate connector.
The battery used some paper to insulation the metal parts.
I keep some for the same reason.

Step 2: Housing

I have some big heat-shrinkable tube left, and I decided to use it.
I cut two holes, as tight for the connectors as possible, because they will expend
in the shrink process.

Step 3: Voila