Quick, Cheap, Easy and Dirty DIY Headphones

Introduction: Quick, Cheap, Easy and Dirty DIY Headphones

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do you like headphones put can't afford a good pair? do you have a pair of earbuds but can't keep them in your ear? or do you just want a good pair of noise canceling headphones? if you answered yes to any of theese questions this pair of headphones is right for you.they are cheap and fast to make so if you can bear with my bad spelling you  will be done in a matter of minutes

Also this is my first instructable so please bare with me as we go through

Finally please leave comments i want feedback on the instructable or how overall the instructable and or the product of the instructable
can be made better.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need........

earbuds (cheap ones at that)
shooting range hearing protection most perferably over 26 dcb (for noise canceling)
an MP3, MP4, MP5, or phone
tape*Optional* i didn't use tape because i do shooting sports.

Step 2: Assemble

first you have to put the earbuds in the hearing protection one in each side for those smart alecs out there.
then put the "Headphones" over your ears and crank it up because the music coming out of the earbuds is not as loud as if it was in your ear (now is a good time to tape in the earbuds if desired)

Step 3: CRANK IT UP!!!!!!!

now you can enjoy your music without screaming babies inthe background or whatnot.

this also works with a pair of cheap headphones but i perfer earbuds

Final note if you are using earbuds put them right on that bit of skin where the pressure point is behind the ear so you can hear them better

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    4 years ago

    I have had the idea of doing this for a while but i wonder why you would have to turn the volume up if the noise is cancelated. After all the origianal product before the headphones were in it was originally hearing protection. Also does it give you more of a surround sound expirience.

    Personal you announced that you are a big earbud person, have you tried apple headphones?


    5 years ago

    bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad abd bad bad bad


    6 years ago

    And then it blows out your ear drums