Introduction: "The Quick Fix" Flip-Flop Blowout Solution WWMD

If you got some slide in your glide then things like this can happen. One minute peaches and cream the next bam blowout, but don't get down, there is now finally a solution to repair those favorite flip-flops and regain that pep in your step. Always remember in the time of despair always ask yourself,"WWMD" what would McGiver do.

Step 1: All You Will Need

1)a piece of string (nylon if possible because it is thin strong and won't wear that fast and can be melted.)

2) a washer (a couple times larger than the hole and flat as possible)

The purpose of this instructable is to get the fastest, easiest way to get back in commission.

Step 2: Half Way to Getting Your Step Back

run the string through the washer then
Peal back the bottom layer and run both ends of the string through the hole and rap around the flip-flop strap and back down through the hole again and tie it to the washer.

Step 3: Jack Is Back

and bam cant nothing hold me down.
(side notes) it may help to burn the knot if you used a nylon cord. and any kind of adhesive between the layers could only help.