Rainbow Candy Wrapper Wall Art




Introduction: Rainbow Candy Wrapper Wall Art

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Have you ever wanted to impress your friends and save the environment at the same time? If so, your in luck!
this is a quick and easy project to do and only requires patience.

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

this is what you will need:
-a ruler
-duct tape
-around a 14X14 inch white poster board or any color you may choose
-20 to 30 Dum Dum's candy wrappers

Step 2: Preparing the Wrappers

1. lay down the wrapper color side up and the bottom of wrapper facing towards you as shown
2. next fold the bottom right corner until it meets the top of the wrapper and forms a triangle shape
3. cut off the unfolded part on the wrapper, or the rectangle leaving a perfect triangle

Step 3: Folding the Wrappers

1. open the wrapper again and flip it over so that the color side is facing down as shown.
2. take the bottom right corner and fold it along the crease mark made earlier by the triangle.
3. do the same for the top left corner, folding it so that it makes a shape like a kite.
4. taking one if the flaps, fold it in half making a triangle
5. you know its right when the small flaps are inside and invisible. now your ready to assemble!

Step 4: Making the Ring

1. measure out a piece of tape about this width and length
2. open up the triangle so that the 2 flaps are showing and place a piece of tape onto the right side of the triangle, sticky side underneath as shown
3. flip over the triangle. to fully secure each triangle, make sure that you have enough tape to attach them all
4. line up the triangle making sure that they don't overlap and that one is not taller than the other
5.flip the piece over, showing the tape
6. take the right side and fold it so it lines up with the tape as shown
7. do the same with the left side
8. press the sides together, showing the inside where the tape is
9. after doing all of them it should look like the last picture on the reverse side

Step 5: Adding More

1. to add another triangle, add tape to a single triangle like before, except you are going to attach the new triangle to the group of others on the other side
2. continue until you have added all of the wrappers you wanted

Step 6: Finishing Up

1. once you have added all the wrappers simple connect onto the last open flap on the other wrapper
2. flip it over and TA-DA!
3. attach your artwork to a poster board by tape, glue, or whatever floats your boat
4. if you'd like, try using different wrappers such as starburst, dubble bubble, tootsie roll, or now and later.

Thanks for reading!
and post your
creations you've made!

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    even though you may not have Dum Dum's candy wrappers where you live, you can try to use other candy wrappers as long as they can keep a crease. thanks for commenting!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I love this, it is so awesome, as soon as I find some colorful wrappers, I am going to try it, we don't have dum dum candy where I live, least not that I know of?