Rainbow Pop Up

Introduction: Rainbow Pop Up

A pop up with an RGB LED behind it. Attach the battery to make it light up.

Step 1: Draw the Pattern

Draw the pattern as vectors in a CAD program like Rhino or illustrator. To cut and pre-crease it with a laser cutter, make sure all the lines are hairlines e.g. 0,003 mm thick. Make two layers; one for the lines that will be creased and one layer for the outlines. Depending on the type of paper the laser settings need to be adjusted. I took a 80 g/m2, slightly shiny paper. I used a Laser Pro Spirit GE The settings for the crease lines  were 90 speed, 10 power, 400 ppi. To cut the outlines I set 25 speed, 55 power and 400 ppi. Attach the paper with tape to the laser bed to prevent it from moving while the ventilation is on.  

Step 2: Folding

start folding along the crease lines. It is best to first pre-fold all the lines one by one until the paper is soft and flexible. Then try to get the whole piece into its shape. 

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