Introduction: R/c Tri-car

it's just an amazing rc you would like to create and play with it anywhere
1 metal body 
2 tyres
2 white shafts
2 motors
1x 8 channel rc
metal ball roller
2 connectors
screw driver

Step 1:

add the two connectors to the metal body on the either side

Step 2:

join the two motors on both the connectors with the help of screws and nuts 

Step 3:

plug in the 2 white shafts on both the motors

Step 4:

insert the shaft into the tyres

Step 5:

connect both the motors byy the black wires into connector box

plug the box with the help of the wire in the r
add the metal ball in the front part of the car

pls if u find ay difficulty regarding the explanation
pls see my pic
pls vote !!!!
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