Recycled Highway Sign Computer Shelf

Introduction: Recycled Highway Sign Computer Shelf

For some time ive had a highway sign sitting in my basement from my less benefiting to society days......

It got used a temporary coffee table for a while but eventually ended up in the basement for a few years.

 I needed somewhere to put my computer tower and other computer parts and designed a simple case in google skechup and then created the layout on a cut-sheet program.

i was going to make it out of plywood and just paint it but saw the old sign while wandering around the basement

the sign was 3/4 inch birch plywood that was coated with a reflective sticker of some kind to make the sign.   As it had been on the side of the highway it was a bit warped but i managed to make due ok with it. 

sorry i don't really have a step by step plan of what i did and im not sure i could even explain it as im not a very good carpenter

i used 2 inch wood screws to assemble the case and some aluminum angle stuff for the front edges that  i picked up at crappy tire when i bought the casters.

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