Recycled Outdor Furniture




Introduction: Recycled Outdor Furniture

This is just a quick project I thought would take me a day or so with drying time but with work and rainy weather I worked on his a bit here and there. the only items bought was the acrylic paint everything else I had at home or got from my parents. I just wanted cheap outdoor decor as most of whats in stores is expensive and does not last a year.

Step 1: First Have or Acquire Old Meteal Supports From a Dead Canopy

My parents top part of canopy had gotten destroyed and they were planning on throwing it out. I noticed it was very decorative. I took it home with the idea of making a semi private enclosure to sit in where I have a recess at the front of my house.Needed a truch to haul the 4 pieces as with age and rust I didnt want to try to take the sides apart.

Step 2: Paint a Weather Resistant Base Coat on the Meteal

again with the rust and intricate pattern on the sides of the supports I decided that the time effort and difficulty to get the rust off was not worth it. I washed off dirt etc let dry then did a quick white coat over the metal.

Step 3: Select Colors to Paint Details In

I only selected 4 colors green, red, yellow, and black I figured I could mix colors if wanted variations in shade etc. I first did all the green leaves and stems as that was the most to paint. I then proceeded to paint each flower front and back as I had limited brushes I did one flower color at a time staggering on each metal part where the particular colored flower was. I did go over with a bit of white and black for greater detail after design dried.

Step 4: Make It Stand Up

as this is a seasonal thing I am not sure if I wanted it permanent I used concrete blocks I had lying around to insure each of the metal frames would not fall or move when I positioned these around my recessed space.

Step 5: Adding to Effect

I was so pleased with how it look and comparative cheap cost as I mainly bought the paint and had left overs I grabbed some plastic patio furniture that had seen better days (was stained up dingy etc). I took the remainder of the paint and wildly decorated a old beat up rocker and table with wild colors and designs. Not the paint on the rocker was actually leftover paint I had from painting a room awhile back as I wanted something loud.

I got a few yard sale volitove holders and dollar store Shepard hooks to put around the inside of this space so I could light candles and sit out front in the evenings.

Next I plan on tackling the ground as with over hang noting grows here but until I get a cheap idea of what to do Im pleased with the results its held up in two bad storms that up rooted trees and I get compliments on this area.

so basically my project was mainly a recycle paint and setup on the super cheap but looks nice

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