Introduction: Reclaim an Old Skateboard

Note: this is my first ever Instructable or to be specific writing any tutorial ever in my life

this is a very simple project and the result is amazing because you get to ride a board that you design from an old board. the price will vary depending on how you go with the project there are endless ways to make this board be creative and have fun that is the most important part.

please be responsible when working with any tools i dont claim responsibility for anything you do


sand paper

jigsaw (you can use a hand saw as well)


rasp (only to make your life easier)


all depends how wild you get but can cost as little as 5$ it is all up to you

Step 1: Stripping the Board

this was my old skateboard i didn't use anymore and figured i can make a fun board out of it!

first thing to do is remove the trucks wheels and grip tape.


removing the trucks is very simple you just loosen up the 4 screws attached to each truck.


to remove the grip tape will take a little work! please take a couple extra minutes for this step it will help you so much after. to remove the grip tape use some source of heat (no open flames) i use a hair blower. just start heating up the grip tape and it will be super easy to peal it off. if you don't heat it the glue from the tape will stick to the board and it will be very annoying to work on the board after.


i began to draw reference lines on the board. starting with lines on all sides of the trucks going across the entire board

Step 2: Design

in this step you can go wild. it is all about deciding how wide and long you want your board to be.

i used a flexible plastic ruler use can use anything u want to make your measurements

i began with the tail as i found it to be the easiest part and used it as a foundation to figure out how i want the board to come out.

i decided to have the tail 4" long from the end of the trucks

from there i made small reference lines about every half inch to the left and right from the trucks.

it is just a game of adding a bunch of lines and then deciding at what point you want to connecting them at if you look at the pictures you can see i have a bunch of random lines (all just put there so i can decide how i want to draw out the board)

front of the board: i decided to shorten it and designed the board to not include the first 2 holes of the trucks

and then just put the trucks only in the other 2 holes and drew the holes for where i will be drilling new holes

side note: this is the first time i ever made something like this and my biggest fear before i began is that i suck at drawing anything and that my design would look like garbage and would mess up the board. i decided to just give it a try and started drawing lines and it came out great. so dont be scared give it a try or you will never know what you are capable of!

Step 3: Cutting, Drilling, and Sanding

i began by making a rough cut with a jigsaw getting close to the lines i made but not to close.

i then used a rasp to clean up those cuts and get closer to the lines i drew because i didn't want to slip and mess up the board with a saw coming to close. i also used it to curve the cuts i made so it won't look square and ugly. some people might want to use electric tools to round off the ends but i didn't feel the need for that.

after that i sanded the sides and finished the actual design of the board with that.

because i wanted to paint the board on the bottom i also sanded off the print that was on the board.

i didn't sand it all the way down but got rid of most of it because i started sanding and liked what i was seeing in the boards colors saying that it had a blue layer of wood on the top and bottom.

Step 4: Paint/ Clear Coat

as you can see i just sanded it and it left some cool look and felt so bad painting over something that looked this neat!

i decide to just clear coat the bottom instead of painting it. (do not paint or clear coat the top of the board)

i used rustoleum crystal clear enamel and the results were amazing.

i sprayed a couple layers with around a 5-10 minute wait period between each coat

i also painted the trucks in regular black spray paint because they looked super ugly

Step 5: Grip Tape and Assembly

the final step put on new grip tape if you dont know how please look up how to put on grip tape. it is very simple.

in short you just begin to put the tape on from one side and work your way to the other end of the board trying to prevent making air bubbles under. and then use a piece of metal to rub it around the sides of the board and then you early cut it extra tape. But if you never did it before just watch a quick video online.

i then installed the truck back on and put 3/8" riser so that the wheels dont scrape against the board. the size of risers all depends of the size of your wheels and trucks.

and you're done!!!!!!