Red-neck Astromech (R2D2 Thing)

Introduction: Red-neck Astromech (R2D2 Thing)

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Here is an astromech I created using Duct tape and recycled Styrofoam.  Tools needed are a straight edge (ruler), utility knife (for cutting), Duct tape (use the good stuff it comes in many colors).  Course file and sand paper (smoothing the edges), some sort of plans to help get all the right pieces in place.  This project is in NO WAY endorsed or licensed by Lucas films or who ever owns Star Wars now.  My daughter choose the colors.  Spray foam comes in handy to fill some areas especially when shaping the head dome.

Step 1: Legs and Body

Here is the legs and body.  I just traced out the shapes of the legs and taped the body up with a PVC core for basic shape.  The body was removed from the PVC and rings of Styrofoam inserted.  I taped with the cheap stuff to hold the basic shape and work out taping issues.

Step 2: Feet

The feet had to be cut and stacked to get the required thickness and spacing for the legs to fit.  I used white glue to hold them while shaping with the file and sandpaper.  They get taped with the cheap stuff also.

Step 3: Dome

The dome was created with many layers of foam sheets and then used canned foam spray to even out the dome.  sanding was interesting, trying to get the rounded shape was time consuming and very messy.  Note to all :  don't file or sand where your spouse will see the mess.  Taping was tricky to get smooth,  work from the center out.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

I test fit all the pieces to make sure everything look right before starting the final taping and adding the bling

Step 5: Adding Extras

I decided that just flat outlines was too boring so I shaped some scrap pieces and hot glued them to the dome and body to give it more dimension.  Remember to take your time as duct tape doesn't stretch easily.  Hope you enjoy building your own duct tape creation...  next up a Dr. Who inspired Dalek.

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    yes the top comes off but it is to shallow for a cooler. That would have been a great idea when planning this


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Please tell me the dome comes off and this is your secret beer cooler :)