Introduction: Remote Control Knex Boat

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a few years ago i made a knex boat which wasn't remote control so now i made it remote control. hope you like it.

Step 1: Bow

the bow (instructions on picture).or just look at it.

Step 2: Mid & Back Section

mid & stern section

Step 3: Attatching Bow and Smoke Stack

attaching bow and smoke stack(you don't have to do the smoke stack

Step 4: Motor Assembaly

the motor part. this is a bit hard but not that much. i forgot to do the other motor just use the steering motor and do the rest the same. it might go slower than normal but that is ok.

Step 5: Attaching the Motor to the Boat

attaching the motor to the boat

Step 6: Steering System

the steering system

Step 7: Extras/opptional

extras and optional

Step 8: Covering

the covering(making floatable ) part

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