Introduction: Repair Missing SD-card Lock

Hi this is my first instructable and i'm not sooo good at english, please be nice.

Today I wanted to save data on my SD card, but the lock (this grey thing you pull down to make the card write protected) was missing.
So i googled and found out that there is a button in the card reader. if open, the Lock pushes that button. but if its not pushed the card is protected, so i just have to push the button.
here i show you how to get your card to push that button.

SD with missing lock
straw (dry grass, etc)
aluminium foil.
scotch tape

Step 1: Cover SD With Alu and Tape

get a piece of the aluminium foil and stick it onto a piece of tape.

then put it on SD like in pic 2.

Step 2: Fill With Straw

cut the straw into pieces that can fit into the hole the Lock left.

then fill the hole with them

and cover with the other end of scotchtape

Step 3: Try It

insert into card reader. it should work, if not, try again.

use 2-3 pieces of straw
try to make the new "lock" the same size the SD is. 1 mm more and it will stick in card reader.