Introduction: Repair Non-working Tv Remote Key

this is instructable will show you how to repair a non-working tv remote key.

in this case the vol+ button to this tv remote does not work no matter how hard i press on it.

there are a few reasons why a key may not work:

1- the copper track to a key may have corroded for one reason or another. to repair this would require a little soldering. i will not cover this part though.

2- gunk accumulated under the key/s.

3- when the key is pressed, there is not good contact between the key and the circuit board.

Step 1: Clean Gunk

open the remote control and clean gunk from under the keys and on the circuit board. the way i do it is by using water and soap. yes! that's how i have always done this with tv remotes. some say to be careful and use proper cleaning solution but i just put a dab of dish washing soap on the circuit board, rub it around with my fingers, and put the board under a running faucet to remove soap. i believe the board has a thin coat of what it looks to be acrylic not allowing the water to touch the components... still i grab the circuit board with my hand like if i'm going to open a packet of ketchup and shake the water off. i also, smack the circuit board on a towel. i guess you can blow on it to get the water from all the nooks and crannies and wype with a towel. but i just shake, smack against a towel and wipe. then put back the remote together and it should work if it does not lets take the next step...

Step 2: Use Dime to Rub on Carbon Tracks

in this step i use a dime to rub on the carbon tracks right under the key that is not working like it shows in the pic. of course, being careful not to do it to hard. just put enough pressure to take a very thin layer of the top.  sometimes this works and sometimes it does not.

if this does not work... the problem is under the key itself which i will show what i do to fix in next step.

Step 3: Use Tin Foil

if all else fails use tin foil glued under the key like it shows in the picture.