Introduction: Repairing Behind Bonehead

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Meet Bonehead, Bonehead is a 4yo american staff with a mix of billy goat, we give him bones, kongs, ropes and other chew toys but his FAVORITE is electric plugs! Seriously if theres an unplugged cord he'll find it and chew it

Step 1: My Poor Saw

Not thinking I left my tool box in an accesible part of the back porch and Bonehead having found it, chewed the plug off my jigsaw and a drill. Of course I didn't realize it until I needed the jigsaw !

Step 2: Recycle to the Rescue

I seldom drive by a vacumn cleaner on the curb without stopping and grabbing its cord, this one was already missing its ground plug and the saw was only 2 wires. A nice plus is I'll be able to skip the extension cords in the future

Step 3: Prep

clean up the ends of both cords, strip back the outter covering, remove teh green ground wire and strip back an inch or so of insulation leaving the bare wires

Step 4: Get Connected

I probably should have soldered the wires together but Im out of solder, a nice tight wrap will work. Wrap the 1st connection in electrial tape and then twist the other wires together and wrap that connection, finally wrap electrical tape over the entire area, overlapping in each direction a couple of inches

Step 5: Finished

thats it, your finished and can get back to the project you needed the tool for in the first place

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