Introduction: Repair/replace Exhaust Flange on Catalytic Converter (91 Ford Truck)

replace a rusty exhaust flange connector on a catalytic converter where it connects to the exhaust manifold. This will save replacing the entire catalytic converter as in this application the end of the pipe is flaired and/or in some applications the flange is spot welded to the end of the pipe.

Step 1: 1 Parts Needed, TWO Exhaust Flanges for the Proper Size Pipe. (example #240880 EXHAUST PIPE FLANGES JC Whitney .com) 2 Small Nuts and 2 Small Bolts (sized by Holes Drilled Later)

Step 2: Tools Needed; Hacksaw or Powered Cutter Wheel Etc.; Drill and Bits

Step 3: Cut Flanges As Indicated

Step 4: Place One Flange Over the Other and Drill Holes As Indicated.

Step 5: *** NOTE*** Make Sure That the Pipe and Manifold on Your Vehicle Are Cool Enough to Work On.

Step 6: Cutoff/remove the Old Flange From the Pipe.

Step 7: Install One Flange Over the Pipe and Then Slide the Other Half Over the Pipe.

Step 8: Align the Flanges and Secure Together With Nuts and Bolts Through the Drilled Holes.

Step 9: Slide the Flange Into Place and Secure to Exhaust Manifold.

Step 10: For Broken/corroded Studs Bolts on Exhaust Manifold Use (Example) 470112 CLAMP-A-STUD W/O HEAT RISER... See JC

The completed repair