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I truly believe that there is an entirely new opportunity to enhance the accessibility features on all new personal tablets and phones.

The companies currently creating phones have made huge leaps and bounds in the ability for a phone to speak to you, but incorporating the ability for brail for the blind will create an entirely new dimension for the phone industry.

Imagine the possibly of having the screen on your device create a three dimensional brail bumps. Not only for the possibly of the blind to read the phone but for the ability for gaming joysticks integrated into the display its self or for the screen to bump your fingers when you are playing games. It takes the vibration features to an entirely new level.

Having the ability to use the screen in a three dimensional space gives the user the chance to have a physical connection with the device. You can create the feeling of a physical keyboard on your tablet screen. Have the phone actually poke you while its in your pocket. Have the games and apps come alive on the screen.

It allows the possibly to include all the people who do not feel comfortable using the devices due to a disability or because they cannot feel a connection to a device.

The screen can show you where to press when you are learning how to use the phone or be the device the presses on you of your heart rate raises reminding you to calm down.

The possibilities for this feature are endless

Please comment below with what you would use this three dimensional display for I would love to hear your ideas! Also vote for my instructable if you like it!

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