Introduction: RGB Led Module

This is rgb led module is using diferent scaning that is faster than using 74hc595's
I'm using the propeller microcontroler to drive the display module.
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Step 1: Layout of Module

I used 2ea 74hc193 linked together as a 8 bit t2l counter but I;m only using 6 bits to adress the
four 74hc138 . In the image below you can see the layout of vertical and horozonal map.  

Step 2: Clear Layout of Pcb

In the pcture below notice there are 8 pnp transistors controlling all 8 common anodes on display
being scaned by a 74hc138 . This is using the upper 3 three bits of 6 bit counter. The lower 3 bits
is controlling the outher 3 74hc138's controling all 24 catodes.

Step 3: Propeller Code

There are 8 processors in the propeller called cogs . I'm using 3 cogs -
1 for light engine object
1 for adc / dac
1 for spin code
The demo propeller board (available at parallax)
 Conections are as followed
5 vdc from demo board
gnd from demo board

Step 4: Light Engine Asm

The light engine asm object ca deliver 1 million color but it only uses 64 color palette that is changable . The sub also takes care of frameing . Its screen area is located $7f00 - $7f3f .
What changes in that are gets display . At propeller runing at 80Mhz delivers about 20,000
frames per second.

Step 5: ADC - DAC Object

The adc-dac gets the sound sample fron the on board mic of the demo board.
Its saves the data at long $7ee0. It is also send the sample out headphohe amp also
on the demo board.

Step 6: O-scope (main SUB)

The o-scope is main runs the display as a bar o-scope in simple spin.