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rhythme pad is a beat making song sharing app . tap the 8 different squares in time or to any tappable rhythme . select your itunes song to tap along with. record and save on remote server! endless recording, adjust time, and loop taps at the touch of a screen ! :) kiss keeping it soul simple.

Step 1: Select Sound / Kit

highlight / tap desired kit and then touch done. percussion kit ist gute.();()

Step 2: Play Along

high light itunes track - play along menu. you pause , start , stop and adjust volume mix between your favourite song from your mp3 player list and your live tap track!! mixing of your recorded beat tracks is super easy.

Step 3: Tap Hard Tap Soft and Tenderly Tap Three Pad Together

tap with your fingers like texting , and create your own sounds to upload and mix into your digital recording studio. ie: mix on traktor or get some vinyl records made using a 3d printer

Step 4: Kits

pop kit 7/10 dance kit 7/10 rimshot kit 7/10 chemical kit 10/10 each two there own. select and play with kits to find your own beats every kit has quality crisp sound. no faults what so eva with this mint app!! peace, people education apathy considering environment 0011010000011110111010. :)

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