Introduction: Road Bike Handlebar Modification Mtb Hand Position With Brakes

Add a mountain bike style hand position to my road bike drop style handlebars:
Parts mostly from Performance Bike:  Clamp on bar ends (graphite/straight); inline brake levers; grips; brake cable set:. longer bolts; hose clamp; wire connector/: zip ties; electrical tape

1.  Unwrap the tape from the handlebars
2.  Loosen and remove the standard brake/shifter.
3.  With a screwdriver, expand the bar end clamp so that it can slide on to the handle bar.
4.  Decide what position you want the bar end to be in.  They can go on two ways because the bar ends are left and right.  I elected to position so the bolt was on the low side.
5  Slide the bar ends over the drop bar tube.  you may need to use a screw driver inserted into the bolt hole to expand the clamps wider.
6.  Position and tighten with a bolt about 1/2 inch longer than the original bar end bolt.  It will take some strength to get the threads to line up.
7.  Slide the grjips onto the bar ends.  it helps if you lube the inside of the grips and teh bar ends with some spit.  I cut about 3/4 of an inch from the inside of the grips.
8.  Attach the clamp-on in-line brake levers over the grips.  I found that I needed to use one of the spacers supplied with the in-line levers so they would be nice and tight.
9.  Install the new brake cables.  The important thing here is the improvised cable casing stop.  I used a wire connector and attached to the normal brake caliper hardware and sistered in the new wire with the old.  Please becareful here.  These are your brakes and you need to make sure they are all still working and adjusted properly and that the improvised stops do not pull out and that they let the new cables freely move.
10.  Use zip ties to attached the rear cable to the bike fram so the cable is not just floping around.
11. Re-attach the original brake/shifter levers.
12.  Re-wrap the handlebars.  use electrical tape to secure the grip tape.

Make sure all the bolts for the bar ends, brake levers, hsee clamps and especially the brake cable connection to the brake caliipares are tight.
Test it out with some hard pulls on the new brake levers and the old to make sure your connections can handle the pressure and not pull out.

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