Introduction: Rubber Band Magic Trick

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this is a cool magic trick. all you need is one rubber band.

Step 1: Put the Rubber Band on Your Wrist

the title says it. do i have to spell it out?

Step 2: Stretch

strecth the rubber band

Step 3: Twist

twist the rubber band to make an x.

Step 4: Middle Finger...

use your middle finger topull the x to your wrist.

Step 5: Transfer...

transfer the band to your middle and index finger. do this in the hand OPPOSITE of the one you pulled with the x.

Step 6: Nose Time...

put the middle and index fingers up to the nose

Step 7: The Trick...

now, the trick.

you need to sniff, and release both hands. the rubber band should snap back into place on you wrist.

this can and will hurt you. who ever told you magic didn't hurt?

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