Introduction: Rubber Band Gun Scope

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This instructable will tell you how to put a scope on any rubber band gun. Lets go!!!!

Step 1: Supplies

To make this Instructable you are going to need:


duck tape

rubber band gun

baseball card holder (clear)

sharpie marker ( not pictured)

Step 2: Cutting the Holder

Now that you have the supplies you are going to cut the holder. the but matters by the size of your gun. If your gun is about the size of mine then cut it so it is a little over 1inch measuring up. The second picture shows what it looks like.

Step 3: The Tape

Now you are going to get the right sized tape. First you are going to tare off a piece of tape around 2 inches long.(pictured in the second picture) Now you are going to tare off the sides of it to make it fit your rubber band gun. ( you may not need to.) It shows you what it looks like in the third photo. You are going to get another piece of tape and do the same thing. ( i made mine a little smaller. it is pictured in the fourth photo.)

Step 4: Putting It on the Gun

Now you are going to put the tape on both sides of the card case, and tape it on. You can bend it so it doesn't always stick out.(second photo) Also the tape might not stay on forever, so you might have to re tape. Almost done.


Finaly you can use the sharpie to make your cross. I hope this instructable was useful and helpful.