Introduction: Rubberband Gun/ Block Ammo/rod Ammo Gun, Pretty Dang Far!

can shoot rubberbands can shoot block ammo and can shot rods
i got it to shoot about 90 feet

i measured it with a string then wrapped it around a yard stick and got 92feet

oh sorry i didn't put the amount of pieces into the notes and i already took it apart

if someone would be willing to id like it if they could pm me about how many of each piece thank you

Step 1: Materials Needed Skip This Step

look at picture it shows how many of each piece in the notes

i didn't count the pieces when i took it apart please disregard this step until i fix this

Step 2: Making the Outer Frame

all of my instructables have you look at the picture to find out howto do it and i put notes in there too

Step 3: Making the Innards of the Frame

very easy as well

Step 4: Making the Innards of the Frame Cont'

just as easy as the outer frame just it's the inner frame and has 3 parts and 2 sections

Step 5: Connecting the Outer Frame (very Easy Step Btw)

omg so easy!!!!

btw = by the way

you should have two of each piece aready so you should just make two of each side

Step 6: Trigger

again look at pics

Step 7: Placing the Rods That Hold It Together

just look at pictures

Step 8: Kk Now Add the Rest of the Parts

i forgot to stop so i have two layers done but w/e it'll end up the same either way