Introduction: Rubberband Gun (real Simple)

This is my first instructables so give me comment on how i do.
This is a rubberband gun that i made from left over wood from my project. It shoot about 14 feet from my gun, but u can modify the barrel for more distance and power. 

Step 1: Materials

You don't need much for this instructables.
14 inches of half a inch diameter wood (can get at Pearl Paint)
Duct Tape 
A Plastic Clothspin(a wooden is fine but i prefer plastic ones for easier trigger
A Saw

Step 2: Cutting and the Taping for the Handle

First you cut your wood to 4 inches or more for your hands comfort
Two 2 1/2 inches of wood
One 4 1/2 inches of wood or more to your desire of length and power put a small v on it so the rubber band doesn't slip off on the tip

Get the 4 inches of wood and tape the plastic clothspin to it with the clip part higher than the tip of the handle. Tape the part where you squeeze for it to open to it and the mouth part below it in the gap. (check the pictures you'll understand)

Step 3: The Part to Hold the Barrel

Get the two 2 1/2 inches of wood and tape it on the side with a angle to your liking, but remember it must be slightly lower than the clothspin so it can shoot. When you tape it to the handle it might get wobbly so add a few extra layers so it is stable. Also, put some duct tape on the clip part so it slides easier.

Step 4: Final Step

Get the last piece of wood with the v on the tip and put it in between the barrel holding wood ,but the v is facing the other way towards the side the rubberband is going to shoot out and tape it but remember to leave space so u can pull the trigger. ENJOY