Introduction: Rubix Cube Belt

here it is the rubix cube belt! the only one of its kind. (as far as i know)

here's my story. regular day dieing of bored and some how I ended going through my closet and I find my old rubix cube. I start playing with it and disassembling the cube. after I reassemble it I'm bored once again an them it hits me. I should make something and needing a belt I start on the first rubix cube belt.

what your going to need is:
 rubix cube
 leather belt w/removable buckle
 dremel or dremel equivalent (corded preferred) 
 dremel bit that can cut a strait line
 1/2'' screw w/point like the one in the pic
 screwdriver that matches screw
 power drill
 2'' nail
 drill bit that matches nail

Step 1: Prep for the Incision Doctor

take anything that will mark on plastic.then use the belt to mark the edges. after this is done extend the line to the other side making the line connect at the edge. then connect the the two line together making a rectangle and dont worry if your line are a little wonky its just a guide line to cut on. 

Step 2: Its Slicing Time

The title says it, all now take the cube apart by prying a top side center cube with a flat head screwdriver.

After that is done take the three cubes that you marked earlier and cut them on the long lines
(the center cube you will have to cut out completely but don't cut out the corner cubes like the center cube or the belt wont stay attached well)

now that the center is cut out start the corner by cutting a right angle on the inside of the cube. next cut the line you drew on the cube to the edge.

part 2

take the drill and drill in the corner as close to the corner as possible
then repeat on the otherside
this will give the nail a hole to go through so their is something holding the belt besides plastic

Step 3: Belt Attachment

ok time to attach the belt to the cube to the belt take the belt and slide one side into the line u cut on one side of the cube and pinch the belt and fold it to were you can slide it into the other side

next take the nail and slide it through the two holes you made earlier to hold the belt in place.

the take the belt and buckle it into place snap snap and its attached

step 2

take the cube and on the same face that you put the belt but the opposite side locate the center of the center cube and drill with a small bit to start the hole for a screw then what else screw it in but not all the way keep enough space for the belt to be effective 

step 3 (optional still read)

on the belt you may have to adjust the holes in the end of the belt its simple match a drill bit to the head of the screw and drill the holes out 

if its to small you can make it a custom fit find were the screw comes too and mark it then drill it out

Step 4: Finale

well there you have it one rubix cube belt great for Christmas giving

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