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Introduction: Scribbling Machine

this is an easy fun machine for 9 to 99 year-olds that cheers you up every time! this machine simply draws lines and circles and makes it look hilarious! kinda :D try make this easy machine when bored or tiered to totally cheer you up!

Step 1: Materials

you wont need such rare materials, but just thees:

1- a small electric (setoff ) motor 1/5 - 3 V
2 - 1 battery 1/5 - 3 V
3- electrical wires 
4- wire stripper masking tape
5- scrap box (cheese box - milk carton - plastic water glass , ...)
6- some thing to spin (a little clay , wood or a pen case)
7- pen or marker

Step 2: Get a Box

first of all you should find some thing light to place your stuff on it! like it was a cheese carton for me! 

Step 3: Electric Motor

now get your electric motor and connect to wires to the sides and stick them firmly with electric masking tape so it will look like the this.

Step 4: Place the Motor

now simply place your motor on the edge of your box so it will look like this.

Step 5: Place Battery

now place the battery some where that wires can reach it and stick it to the box with the tape.

Step 6: Place Pen or Marker

now its time to place your pen or pens or marker or markers on one side of the box opposite the motor. you can also place more pens or markers on other sides.

Step 7: Something to Spin

now connect something to your motor on the spinning side to spin and make your box move. i used a cap of pen but you can also use wood or metal or coin or anything but remember different weights makes different patterns!

Step 8: Ready

now your machine is ready and all you have to do is to connect the wires to the battery. 

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    5 years ago

    nice bathtub.......jk i like it


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Another simple scribble-bot! I love these things and have made a couple myself now. Congrats on first 'ible, you should show a great photo of what your bot patterns create so we can see the bot end result. Very simple though, love it!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thanks! i love these things too! i actually love tinkering and making! i had a video of my patterns but i couldnt upload it in youtube becuz of some internet problems but ill try again:D