Scrounged Wood IPod Touch Desktop Holder

Introduction: Scrounged Wood IPod Touch Desktop Holder

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I have been called a scrounger, dumpster-diver , and more! But I always find something great in the dumpsters near where I live. 
I feel I am recycling many things that would otherwise end up buried in the local landfill. And I also get free stuff for future projects that would otherwise cost me dearly at the local stores.  My only problem is storing it all for the day I will need it! 

Step 1: Select Your Wood

I was lucky to stumble upon a pile of oak stair steps that a local custom floor and stair making company discarded! I took it all! Oak is beautiful , tough and long lasting wood. You can use any wood too! Except balsa, its too light, but hey its your choice. Thick 1" foam could work too, I'll have to try it.

Step 2: Cut Your Wood to Size

my stand is about  4 3/4 inch. long by 3 3/4 inch. wide by  1 inch thick , yours can be larger or smaller, its a personal choice.

Step 3: Trace Your I-Pod Widths Onto the Wood

Now, trace your iPod width onto the wood. I chose to put the stand up groove in front, then the lay down size groove in back. See picture.

Step 4: Set Up Your Drill Press

I am lucky to have a drill press. I love how it works and saves me so much time. $99.00 at Tractor Supply was well worth it. It has paid for itself many times over.  Tilt the table of the drill press to 30 degrees and lock it tight. Test angle with your iPod to see if you like the angle and can see your screen easily. Adjust your table angle more or less according to your personal choice. 

Step 5: Drill the Grooves

I found the 1/2 inch drill bit to fit nicely for the grooves. This fits my iPod Touch with its silicon rubber case still on. If you want to use the stand without a case, then you will have to drill out a smaller groove, matching the thickness of you Pod. You have to start on one side, drill down about  1/2 inch. then move and re-clamp the wood until you have created a channel that will fit your Pod. Clean the wood chips between holes by carefully moving the wood left to right. This will smooth out the groove and create a smooth channel. You can also use a sharp wood chisel and hammer to do the same.

Step 6: Test for Fit

Test the grooves for fit to your Pod. Sand the edges of all corners lightly. A small block of scrap wood with sandpaper held tightly, works nicely.

Step 7: Apply a Finish

you can now apply a finish, satin polyurethane is nice. Or high gloss, or leave it unfinished like mine. Again a personal choice.

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Stand

enjoy your new stand, I like the way it keeps the iPod Touch upright so I can write, view, drink coffee, or whatever. Seek Peace and Joy. Triumphman

Step 9: Side View

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, awesome ible, but I just wanted to tell you, if you correct your spelling of iPod in the title, a lot more people would be able to find this awesome guide!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate & will take your advice!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Looks nice! For the portrait orientation you might be able to put a charger into it...