Scrubber Robot From Old Stuff............

Introduction: Scrubber Robot From Old Stuff............

About: curious french guy.....

I just realised I head everything in my house to build one of those bristle bots......very funny indeed.....

Step 1: Get the Stuff....

search around for:

-an old electric 3V motor, mine comes from a pocket fan I bought when I was a kid...

-4 tooth brushes (I got those ones in my hotel in hong kong...)

-a fishing line weight the split type is the simplest I can imagine, but any heavy metal piece the size of a pea will fit, you will just have to drill it.

-duct tape

-RC models glue (stronger for small items, but any strong glue does the same...)

-an old plastic telephone card (not on the picture)

- multi tool

Step 2: Making a Vibrating Motor.....

you can get one for a few bucks, but basically, it's just an usual electric motor with an oscillating weight on its axis....

chose a piece of heavy metal (pantera works great, but lead is better for this instructable), the more dense it is , the more vibration you will get.

here, I chose an heavy lead fishing line weight from my fishing box....EASY to fasten on the axis of the motor, just crush it between the pliers' jaws.

Step 3: Prepare the Other Parts.

fold the phone card, cut the toothbrushes, glue them together and glue that to the motor.

wrap it inside a layer of duct tape for more strength.......


IT works!!!

really funny, my daughter loves it.

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    NICE videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    really great robots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish I took movies from mine (I tried a lot....)

    mais dis donc...t'es pas français?

    great job!