Introduction: Raggedy Angel

About: long time collector and tinkerer with industrial castoffs....presently un-empoyed and looking to turn my passions into a career.

this is a prototype to test different materials and approaches.....I will make many wrong turn's and it may turn out a total fail (no real end product in mind, just experimenting).

things I discovered recently.....

1) photos with flash bring out flaws in execution not noticeable under ambient light.

2)....Sculpley shrinks when fired, a loose layer of aluminum foil over the armature allows for the shrinkage and stops cracking.

3).... "Shoe Goo" is a good basic adhesive, but if gotten on fabric and allowed to set is impossible to remove.

Step 1: Sculpture / Mixed Media

I removed the original first 2 steps as they were about a different project and i will re-post them as a separate instructable later.

I intended to build the wings out of real feathers (goose ?) but for some reason they were un-available so went with the weathered bat wing look instead.

Step 2: Work in Progress

. the wings are light weight mesh fabric with 2 coats of liquid latex and a coat of acrylic paint.

digital photo brought out flaws in the paint job, but needs a head, forearms / hands and clothing before I do the finish work. The wings were much larger initially but had to be cut down due to an issue during the drying process*, but the effect looks more organic and "battle damaged" under the right lighting.

* they should be secured in position and stretched taught while the liquid latex dry's....allow extra time for the latex to lose it's "tack" otherwise they will stick to themselves and tear (think adhesive tape pulled off a roll too fast)

Step 3: Arm's, Leg's, and a Head?

Made several attempts to sculpt a face on the existing body. Quite difficult because the wings kept getting in the way, plus I had the issue of how to "fire" the modeling compound on the existing structure.

I went with my "old stand by", epoxy putty.....drying time made sculpting unlikely so I just formed it around a wooden bead. Worst case I have a one eye'd angel, but I have the option of attaching a mask in finish work.

the arms are formed out of telephone wire and attached to the existing wires from the armature, formed "gloves / bracers out of Gorilla tape. I liked the basic look so I kept it.

going with the theme I painted the lower legs with acrylic paint and simulated "cuff's just below the knee's with more Gorilla tape...

still thinking about the clothing for the torso, the project's "gender" is still not determined.

Step 4: Basic "clothing"

tried a couple of variations, but settled on cutting scraps of "craft" leather just to cover the "naughty bit's". Not sure what to do with the head....thinking about just attaching a face shield and making it a helmet. On the next project I'll know to sculpt the head and extremities before the first firing of the modeling compound.

Step 5: Cowl and Basic Jedi Cloak

this is where I had the problem with "shoe goo"....if you are still reading....if it get's on fabric it is almost impossible to remove still need to build some sort of display stand and do some finish work.