Introduction: Segmented Thigh Armor (in Style of Cloud Strife in Kingdom Hearts)

things you will need:
"tin snips" or metal shears
sheet metal (i used 24 gauge)
a belt
6 nuts, bolts, and washers

Step 1: Create Templates

tape two sheets of papre together and draw the outline for all three pieces. to get good symetry fold paper in half and draw half then cut along outline

Step 2: Cutting

trace template in sheet metal and cut out along outline using tin snips
then use dremel with sanding attachment to de-burr the edges... trust me the little shreds cut skin very well

Step 3: Almost Done

bend pieces over thigh untill semi-circular
drill holes in all pieces where bolts go
NOTE: inside bolt holes are oval or oblong to allow articulation(movement) outside hole are round
drill holes in belt to attach your armor

Step 4: Assembly

now its time to bolt everything together

Step 5: Be a Badass

if there are any questions, ASK. ill be happy to answer ASAP. this ible was started halway through the process of creation. exact measurements can be requested
i made this for my costume for sandiego comic-con 2011 (wich, at this point is 6 days from now)
this is my 1st ible so comments are appreciated