Introduction: Semi-auto Knex Rbg Twin Pistols/rifle

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it has a new firing mecanisem designed by me. fires rubberbands but i am working on a mod to make it fire a rod with a connector on the back. long barrel mod comming soon!!!!!

Step 1: Rubberband Holder

the part on the front.

Step 2: Machanical Parts.

all of the important parts for the semiauto mecanisem.

Step 3: Loading Rubberbands

look at the picture

you can put as many rubberbands on the back you want. because knex gears dont have a very small gear the slowest you can slow down the firing rate is put a black gear in the place of the red gear. then you turn the red gear back until you cant not and then push the trigger and turn it the rest of the way. then let go of the red gear and load some more rubberbands and repeat. n if you load to many rubbarbands when you pull the trigger it will launch them all.