Introduction: Sensory Depravation to Obtain Altered Perception or Conscience

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Ok this is my first attempt at this instructable making so please  bare with me as it a kind of test run for other ideas that I have
I am not responsible for any bad effects that may occur should you try this although i do not believe its is dangerous unless you attempt to drive or operate other  dangerous equipment.Please be safe and sensible.
All spelling,grammar,and punctuation freaks please go to bed and curl up with a dictionary now.(although i am trying my best)

I have not attempted this Whole proceedure myself

This instructable is in three phases which increase in difficulty as they progress.
I recommend a min period of 48hrs for each phase as i believe less than this may not produce any noticable result.
So three weekends will be adequate for those of us that have jobs.
If you have more time on your hands you can increase the times of the careful

Eliminate your ability to hear for 48 hrs and keep a journal of how you overcome certian obvious difficulties and how this alters your perceptions of your every day experience

Eliminate  your ability to see for 48 hrs use a recording device to keep your careful


This gets really difficult,do both phase1 and phase 2  at the same time. be careful  

Hope you enjoy this instructable.

Step 1: Hearing Depravation

Hearing is one of the basic functions that we use a lot to interact on a social basis.
Phase 1 is not a very difficult step to get through as you can more or less function as a normal human bieng but your ability to communicate and socialize will be severly handicapped.

Try to discover other methods to communicate whilst you are on this phase and concentrate on determining how bieng deaf alters your social status and noitce the things that you normally would just  take for granted.

I suggest a good set of ear plugs be used to eliminate as much of your ability to hear as possible and a lot of willpower is required to not remove these during the proceedure

Please be carefull as you will not be able to hear approaching vehicles etc so you will by default have to depend on your other senses (sight) to compensate.

Step 2: Sight Depravation

Phase 2 is much more difficult and you will certainly expierience a noticible altered state of mind here..
Human biengs depend on there ability to see more than any other sense and we do it so readily that it is generally taken totally for granted.

You will experience extreme difficulty it doing almost every thing you do on a daily basis so be very carefull as the possibility of accidental injury is greatly increased in this phase.Prepare your enviroment beforehand.

Once again your other senses will end up attempting to compensate (hearing)

I suggest that you do not attempt this phase alone.Communicating with others will be easy and may well be vital to making it through this phase

I suggest a well fitting sleep mask to eliminate all sight,and strong willpower will be required so as not to peek when the going gets tough.

Step 3: Hearing and Sight Depravation

Phase 3 is going to be extremely difficult indeed and many will not even attempt or last very long at this stage.

By eliminating both sight and sound you will basically be shutting yourself  totally of from all the outside stimulation that you take for granted on a daily basis and will be left alone with nothing but your own thoughts.Strong willpower will be required not to cheat here.

I have no idea how your body will attempt to compensate for the lack of sensory stimulatiion so be very careful and stop if you have any bad experiences.

Prepare beforehand for this phase and have food and water and any other items you require nearby.Some toys may be useful so as to use your sense of feeling as an alternate sensory stimulation.Clear the way to the bathroom etc and practice walking around and measuring the size of the room beforehand.Do not attempt to go outside during this phase.

Do not attempt this alone as you will quickly loose all sense of time and will become disorientated so someone else will have to keep a check on you to make sure you safe. 

Step 4: Conclusion

Well bieng as this is an experiment the conclusuion is up to you but I assume that you will experience a very out of the ordinary experience and will learn something about how your mind and body function.
Everyone will experience something a little diffrent according to there own mindset i would assume.
Enjoy and be careful